This week’s reads. I’ve been less immersed in other people’s fiction than usual because I’m busy finishing a new 10k story for newsletter subscribers and facebook group members, so do keep an eye out if queer poly 1920s stories with a touch of the paranormal hold your interest!

Redhot Sugar by Connor Peterson
Cover of Redhot Sugar by Connor Peterson
Redhot Sugar, Connor Peterson

This is the first of a series set in Prohibition-era upstate New York. It’s got bootleggers, cathouses, tommy-guns, a really interesting queer poly relationship developing, and vampires (non-sparkly), sirens and other magical people. I was sucked in immediately. The writing is fast-paced and engaging, the characters are complex and relatable and I loved it. The sequel is out in the new year and I can’t wait!

They Told Me I was Everything by Gregory Ashe
Cover of They Told Me I was Everything by Gregory Ashe
They Told Me I was Everything, Gregory Ashe

Another Hazard and Somerset-adjacent story from Gregory Ashe, set in the same town, on the university campus of Wroxhall. Auggie, an unhappy social media influencer looking for a new start and on the run from his sexuality and Theo, a recent widower, are thrown together in a murder investigation. As usual Ashe hits it out of the park.

That’s the lot for this week!