the green book & some not-spells

  • 1611: The book is known to be in Baden. Piece inserted by an unknown elderly traveller who mentions the Himalayas. They talk about pulling power from the border to make magic. (Referenced in The Flowers of Time)
  • 1730s to 1779: The book is known to be with Franklin Jones. Franklin finds it in the library in his country house, Penel Orlieu. It probably arrived there in a job-lot of books bought by his Grandfather around 1690. He takes it to India with him in the mid 1750s. (Referenced in: The Flowers of Time)
  • 1779: Jones finds the book among her father’s things. (The Flowers of Time)
  • 1848: Jones leaves it in her cousin’s library at Penel House in London. (The Flowers of Time)
  • 1890 to 1920s: The book is at Webber’s Farm in Somerset, with Arthur, Matty & Rob. (The Gate/Inheritance of Shadows)
  • 2016: Mira finds the book in a second-hand shop in London. The book is left behind at her flat when she and Lew go back to 1919. (Lost in Time)
Breaking a Cord – Inheritance of Shadows

Gather your power

See your target as a fish on a line

Pull sharply

Like a fish on a line you may have to fight it

Play out the line as with a fish in the river

Power splashing like sunlit water

Until held steady,

You can grasp your target with your hands

And strike to exsanguinate

Connect to the Source – Flowers of Time

Power is everywhere. We all have power. It is in all of god’s creatures and creations. To work, you must find a source of power. A person, an animal, a place. And you must draw from it. But the best source is the shimmering border.


Find a place where you can sense the shimmer. Reach out. Pull from it. You will take the power for yourself and can use it as you please. The instructions in this book I have assembled over the course of my life will help you.


As you pull you will hear the wailing creatures who live in the shimmer. You must not pull so much power they can find you and break out. They are not of this world. They are bloodthirsty and deadly. They travel from place to place in our world in an unknowable way, opening gates in to it from their own.


I write these instructions here now in Baden as an old man, retired here for my health, in this, the Year Of Our Lord sixteen hundred and eleven. I spent many years traveling in the mountains of Little Tibet in my youth. There are the means to gather great riches there if a man is prepared to search in the ruins and the caves.


For those prepared to face the peril, there is unlimited power to be taken and used to make one great.