The Lost In Time Universe

:: Queer : Historical : Paranormal : Romance : Suspense ::

The Lost in Time Universe is based around an old green book. It’s definitely not a book of magic. It’s simply a book of instructions. Instructions to use energy to make things happen. To get what you want.

Be careful how you use the book. Because everything you do comes with a price.

The Lost in Time books are so-called because the first book begins with a magical accident that results in one of the main characters getting pulled back from 2016 to 1920.

All the books are all plot-heavy queer romances with a happy ending at some level for the lovers involved, although the mystery often leaves ends hanging. The intention is for the people in each story not to have a full picture of how the magical universe they’ve discovered works, so the reader tends to know more about what’s going on than they do.

I have a further handful of books planned in the same universe with greater or less amounts of magic. I’ll be appending spells, maps and bits and bobs here to add to the descriptions in the books as I have time.