The Lost In Time Universe

:: Queer : Historical : Paranormal : Suspense : Romance ::

The Lost in Time Universe is based around an old green book. It’s definitely not a book of magic. It’s simply a book of instructions. Instructions to use energy to make things happen. To get what you want.

Be careful how you use the book. Because everything you do comes with a price.

There are currently three Lost in Time books. They’re so-called because the first book begins with a magical accident that results in one of the main characters getting pulled back from 2016 to 1920. Shadows on the Border is a direct sequel and The Flowers of Time is set in the same universe but in the 1780s.

All the books are all plot-heavy queer romances with a happy ending at some level for the lovers involved, although the mystery often leaves ends hanging. The intention is for the people in each story not to have a full picture of how the magical universe they’ve discovered works, so the reader tends to know more about what’s going on than they do.

I have a further handful of books planned in the same universe with greater or less amounts of magic. I’ll be appending spells, maps and bits and bobs here to add to the descriptions in the books as I have time.

The Flowers of Time

The Flowers of Time is third in the Lost in Time universe. A 50,000 word f/enby romance set in the Himalayas in 1780. Coming February 22nd, 2020. Follow me on Bookbub or join my Fairly Infrequent Newsletter for a release notification!

Jones is determined to find out what caused the unexpected death of her father whilst they were exploring ancient ruins in the Himalayas. She’s never been interested in the idea of the marriage bed, but along with a stack of books and coded journals he’s left her with the promise she’ll travel back to England for the first time since childhood and try being the lady she’s never been.

Edie and her brother are leaving soon on a journey to the Himalayas to document and collect plants for the new Kew Gardens when she befriends Miss Jones in London. She’s never left England before and is delighted to learn that the lady will be returning to the mountains she calls home at the same time they are planning their travels. When they meet again in Srinagar, Edie is surprised to find that here the Miss Jones of the London salons is ‘just Jones’ the explorer, clad in breeches and boots and unconcerned with the proprieties Edie has been brought up to respect.

A non-binary explorer and a determined botanist make the long journey over the high mountain passes to Little Tibet, collecting flowers and exploring ruins on the way. Will Jones discover the root of the mysterious deaths of her parents? Will she confide in Edie and allow her to help in the quest? It’s a trip fraught with dangers for both of them, not least those of the heart.

The Flowers of Time (Lost in Time #3)