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So! It's Ace Week! My perception is that asexuality hasn't been spoken about all that much until quite recently. But
Today, please welcome new author Liz Faraim to the blog to answer my incredibly intrusive questions and talk about her
Laurie is stuck in the hospital and desperately wants to go home.
Today, let's welcome A. M. Johnson to the blog! Hi!! My name is Amanda or A.M. Johnson. I am excited
I am so happy this morning that I have been doing more good-crying. Taking Stock has a wonderful write-up by
Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead write as a team and they have two new books out for your delectation and
I had a lot of backstory about how Laurie's friends dealt with his stroke that were from different POV's and/or
Today I've got five of my favourite non-standard shifter stories for you. I'm partial to an occasional were-person story but
My early-morning writing buddy, Nell Iris is here today to talk to us about her new book, Regaining Trust, a
I've got a little deleted scene for you from Taking Stock, today. Laurie is in hospital and he wants to
Right then. I've decided I'm doing a New Thing (tm). Each month, I'm going to to a giveaway draw that