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Today we welcome Fiona Glass, to talk about our shared love of Mary Stewart and of course, her release!
This week, please welcome Tammy Smith to the blog! Hi Tammy! To start with, why are you doing this interview?
Fenn of the Hunters is a reluctant traveler from their world to London. At the beginning of Shadows on the
This week's reads. I've been less immersed in other people's fiction than usual because I'm busy finishing a new 10k
Today, I am very, very happy to bring you the cover of The Hunted and the Hind. It's the third
Ofelia has popped in to talk about her recent release, 24 Dates, and I'm so happy to have her here!
Detective Sergeant William Grant is in all three of the Lost in Time 1920s London books. He is Alec Carter's
Finally, I hear you say! On December 30th, the third and final book in the Lost in Time 1920s series
This week's reading! You can also follow me on Goodreads for these as I'm trying to be better as saying
This week I'm doing a lot of reading of things to avoid thinking about real life. Because you know, real