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Apologies for the utter, utter lack of blogging--my brain has truly not been in the game over the last few
I'm really chuffed to welcome C H Cleppit to the blog today, to answer my nosy questions and talk about
I have been very remiss blogging about this... but there are now three Lost in Time audiobooks available from Audible!
The audio version of Lost in Time is now available on Audible! I am so, so excited. Callum Hale has
A blatant plug for my friend Lorraine today - she is a smallholder from Cornwall who has retired* to France
Today, I have all the info about James, Earl of Crofton by Rebecca Cohen for your reading delight! James Redbourn,
I'm pleased to announce that Inheritance of Shadows is available today! This is the story that I wrote monthly for
A big welcome to Lillian today, who has come to talk about the re-release of her fantastic story New Lease
Jess has subjected herself to my nosy questions today! Morning, Jess! Why have you put yourself at my mercy? I’m
The second scene in The Flowers of Time has Jones and Edie meeting for the first time at Lady Nailsbourne’s
Plus! All these lovely people came and talked to me over the last few days on intersecting topics: It's been
Emily is a long-time writer of m/m romance and is visiting today with an interview with Ashley from her upcoming