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It's a pleasure to welcome Mindi today to chat about her Fae Shifter world and how the magic all fits
Elizabeth Noble is here today to talk about the magic of her urban fantasy world and her upcoming release, Scintilla!
Jeannelle is here today to talk about Eleanor, her fictional disaster-lesbian from her book The Covert Captain, Dr James Barry,
Zaya Feli is the author of the wonderful Stag's Run fantasy-historical trilogy, the Icefjord duology and has an upcoming release,
I'm tidying the sitting room and shoving dog-toys under the sofa with my foot and generally making sure my high-brow
Today is the book-birthday of The Flowers of Time! You can find the buy-link and read all about the book
Hi Amara! What made you decide to subject yourself to my interview technique? My newest release, on 2/22, Tundras, Travelers,
I am very pleased to announce that I have found a collaborator to work with me to create audiobooks of
I'm quite proud of this, actually! The Flowers of Time has been a long time coming. I first started mulling
The Flowers of Time will be published by JMS Books at the end of February! Pre-order here! Or listen to
Here in the UK, it's Boxing Day. In my household it's a more relaxed Christmas Day, where we eat left-overs
Proper British Mince Pies (tm) You need: Mincemeat Plain Flour Butter Lard or vegetable shortening Water Sugar Wine 12 muffin