Wider availability of audiobooks

Audiobook cover: Lost in Time

Right, I have a New Thing!

As some of you will know, there’s a HUGE fuss in audiobook-world about the lack of transparency in the way Amazon/Audible treats authors. It’s all boring back-room stuff that you can find detailed elsewhere if you’re desperately interested; but what it boils down to is that although Audible is a huge market, it’s not a straightforward one for authors to navigate and that makes me sad and stressed.

So…ta da! Drum roll! Etc! My audiobooks are going wide! I have taken the two 1920s London books down and moved them everywhere else in the entire universe! Inheritance of Shadows will follow later this month. If I can work out how to get them back up on Audible once the dust has settled from extracting them, I’ll do that. New releases will definitely go up elsewhere before they go to Audible.

Audibook Cover: Shadows on the Border
Shadows on the Border Audio

The really, really good thing about this is that I can now set my own prices and have a great deal more control over all of that. I have signed up to the Author’s Direct platform which gives me a level of control that sings to my obsessive soul and also gives authors 70% of the cover price. So if you choose to use that one, you can buy Lost in Time and Shadows on the Border for $7.99 each! You can also find them on all the other apps like Apple, Chirp and Scribd for similar ball-park prices.

Happy listening!

October’s Giveaway: Audiobooks

Right then. I’ve decided I’m doing a New Thing ™. Each month, I’m going to to a giveaway draw that runs for a whole month, with the winner selected on the 1st of the following month.

So this month, October 2020, I have copies of all three of the current Lost in Time audiobooks to give away, with either US or UK codes. To enter, go to the KingSumo sign-up page. You can just leave me your email address, or for more chances to win, share the post or follow me on insta or twitter–you know the drill. I won’t be using the email addresses for anything other than selecting the winner–the KingSumo thing does that for me–so if you want to be notified of future draws, please either keep an eye on my social media or join up to the newsletter or my Lester Towers facebook group.

You can hear a sample of the narration for each one here on my YouTube channel (which I would like admiring looks for, please, because honestly, although I used to work in cutting-edge IT, that was twenty-five years ago and I feel like I’m drowning these days). You can click through to buy-links from there if you don’t want to wait until November and see whether you’ve won!

Callum is currently working on Inheritance of Shadows and he is going to try to fit Taking Stock and The Hunted & the Hind in during the first part of 2021.

I know I keep banging on about it, but I am so pleased with the work of both narrators. They have caught the sense of both the stories and my characters perfectly and are really a joy to listen to.