Well that’s February done with, thank goodness.

I’m completely over winter. We’ve had a very snowy few days and the children have been off school, confined to barracks. We are all sick of each other. Everyone but me has a cold-cough thing that sounds revolting. And I’m a rubbish nurse,  so I just want to yell at people and bully them in to getting better. On top of that, I’ve been struggling with end-of-winter depression and was just managing to pull myself out of it when the snow happened.

Obviously I love my family dearly. But being shut in a bungalow with one reception room with them for a week with no escape has become tedious. And because of the one-reception-room issue, I haven’t been able to focus on anything properly and I am behind on my self-imposed word-count.

So there you go. That was today’s Misery Infovert. Thank you for listening :).

In other news though, the snow is very pretty; and watching a dachshund navigate it is hilarious and very cheering. And we got to watch Thor Ragnarock, which was also extremely cheering on every possible level.

I am hoping that rambling about nothing in particular  here will start my writerly juices flowing again tomorrow when the kids go back to school.



One thought on “ramble”

  1. February does often seem to be a month to get over with..lucky its shorter than the rest.
    Rambling is good…the equivalent of a warm up to physical exercise

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