I have small children and things get broken. And I tell myself that this is why we can’t have nice things. However, I have a tiny, tiny bit of spare brain space at the moment. And I decided to use that to make a couple of broken things beautiful again. I researched the Japanese art of Kintsugi – repairing pottery with gold leaf. I found lots of incredibly pricey repair services and some articles about DIY faking it. The best faking it article I found was this one from A Cozy Kitchen. So this morning I have done this. And yeah, I won’t be able to actually drink coffee out of my lovely coffee bowl again; but I can put Important Things in it, instead.

It’s a life-lesson, too. Just because we are broken and repaired, doesn’t mean that we can’t be beautiful again, just in a different way. Cherish those breaks and cherish those repairs, because they make us who we are. Individual, different from each other. Stronger, perhaps. And covered in beautiful, shiny gold.


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