I have a publishing contract!

So, here’s the thing. I’ve been writing for years, on and off, at varying levels of readability and in various genres. And I think the thing about writing and being a good writer – and indeed, probably a good person – is that you are never quite satisfied with what you’ve achieved. There’s always this lingering sense of ‘I could do that better’. Therefore, I have never taken writing any further. I’ve never sought a publisher. I’ve written for my own amusement and sometimes that of those close to me. At various points Life Has Happened to me and I’ve had long breaks from writing anything.

So that’s the ‘outputs’. On the ‘inputs’ front, I read voraciously and I always have. Historial novels, thrillers and crime and romance. A few years ago I discovered the gay romance genre and plunged in enthusiastically. I like stories where there is a mystery and lots of sexual tension. I liked them so much that I started writing my own version, with the things I wanted to read about.

My lovely OH (who stands at my back and tells me I am the opposite of crap at everything) pushed me to look for a publisher. And so I sent my manuscript to JMS-Books. Who to my surprise have offered me a contract and will be publishing Lost In Time on the first Sunday of January next year.

I am so excited I’m not thinking about it, really :).

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