A Writer’s Life

I missed last week's post because life got in the way, I'm sorry. Littlest has been in plaster casts on
Alistair Carter, one of the two main protagonists from Lost in Time and Shadows on the Border, is a Detective
I've read lots and lots of lovely books this month, including: Detour by Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore I go
The last few weeks' research rabbit-holes have been pretty varied. I'm still flailing around in the Himalayas and in eighteenth
This week's post is a lazy one, just a heads up to a couple of other things I've written in
I've done a load over the last month, but not much of it actual writing. Because of the shenanigans with
A quick round-up of some of my reads this month, in no particular order. These have mostly gone up on
I lived in York for three years during college. It's a beautiful city, small and full of history. My degree
People who read my newsletter will already know that I have a new project in the works. I am starting
This is the first in a series of occasional character sketches I'm going to do. Lew Tyler is one of
Currently laboring under the title 'The Flowers Of Time', my work in progress is set the Himalayas in the 1780s
One of the things I find most difficult about writing in a period or place I don't know all that