This week I’m doing a lot of reading of things to avoid thinking about real life. Because you know, real life sucks quite dramatically at the moment. To fair that’s my normal M.O. too, but it feels very much like I’m hiding at the moment!

The Lost Ship of the Tucker Rebellion by Marie Sexton and Cari Z, which is a queer space opera romp of the finest kind, with a romantic sub-plot that’s very satisfying. There’s a sarcastic AI, space wreckage, a destroyed earth, searching for a home; all the good tropes. I wanted it to be longer, but I always want books with a ‘finding a new home’ trope to be longer, because finding the home is the beginning of a new story as well as the end of the current one. Anyway…five stars, will read again!

Innocence by Suki Fleet. This was a surprise like for me. I don’t read a lot of contemporary and when I do it has to have a lot of angst for me to stay engaged. This has loads of angst and I loved it. Two broken people with secrets from each others past find each other. It’s an age gap romance and I was slightly freaked by the fact that the younger MC is only eighteen and the older one is twenty-nine. They both feel like babies to my fifty-year-old self though and the younger one is very mature, so I got past that quite quickly. The story is lovely, evocative of the English countryside I love. I’m really pleased I read it and I will read it again.

I’ve also been deep in An Archive of Our Own (AO3) again. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s a huge collection of fan fiction collected and collated by series, by pairing and by a huge number of cross-referenced tags. At the moment I’m read-reading all the Vorkosigan-universe stuff and it’s immensely satisfying to hide in someone else’s mind for a while.

That’s it! I’m trying to log things on Goodreads a bit more–you can see my current reads here.