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Happy Monday, everyone! Today we have Lin Lustig here on the blog, talking about her new release Gilded Lies!

Hey Ally! Thanks for inviting me to jump on your blog and talk shop. 

Because I released my debut novel, Gilded Lies—a romantic, action adventure contemporary sci-fi with X-men-esque superheros—and the journey has been fascinating! Giving an interview over one of my greatest passions was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Tell me a bit more about your recent release. What did you hate about writing it? What did you enjoy?

Gilded Lies took two years to write and edit. Much of that was spent writing three different drafts where I tried to pull all the (admittedly complicated) storylines together. I never seem to be able to take the easy path, but I’m so damn proud of the book that I just can’t even. 

Naturally, writing a book doesn’t come with clear vision and perfect execution. The worst part of writing Gilded Lies was the frustration that came with finding the right editor to whip my book (and me) into shape. It was an expensive and disheartening experience until I finally found the right fit. For most of those two years spent writing, I was plagued with self-doubt and fear of people actually reading my book. I mean, the point is to have it read, so what a ridiculous fear! But I had (and have) such a strong vision of my success as an author that giving up was never an option. I put my blinders on, my head down, and just kept going. And I’m so damn glad I did. 

The best part of writing Gilded Lies was whenever I sank into the flow state. Nothing else existed except for me and the world I was creating. It happened while I wrote. While I edited. Even while I published. Every part of the book-writing process came with frustration and disappointment, but also with moments of elation. But none of it outweighs the pure fracking joy I have at finally seeing the first step of my dream come true.

What genres do you like to read/watch yourself?

I have a major soft spots for reading urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I honestly didn’t mean to write sci-fi, but my editor informed me that, since my “magic system” was based in legitimate science, it would fit better there than fantasy—which to be fair, X-Men does, too, and since I’m basically writing gay X-Men, it works. Both fantasy and sci-fi have made up my personality through shows like Sailor Moon, Doctor Who, Star Trek/Gate/Wars, all things Superhero, Futurama, and a solid dose of Disney. Basically, I’m a big ol’ nerd.

Writing is an intrinsically solo occupation. Do you belong to any groups or associations?

Yes, I do! It’s difficult to reach out and find fellow writers to grow with, but somehow all the writers I’ve known eventually found the right people. My writing tribe—known as The Ponies—is a group of beautifully insane women I met at a RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference. The friendships developed have been irreplaceable. Some of us are indie published, some of us are working with agents to sell first a manuscript to publishers. We’re varied, skilled, and hilarious—but mostly, we’re family.

Now, I hope to build a supportive, nerdy Fan-mily as Gilded Lies invites fellow misfits to find their place within the Frequency Series. Together we can traverse any adventure ahead! 


Bound by powers, divided by lovers…

Hiding his bisexuality and supernatural sex appeal, actor John Beechum wants to recapture the spotlight, but when he and his secret boyfriend share unprecedented visions, they realize one of their kind has been kidnapped—and they need help.

John’s empathic ex-girlfriend is no superhero, but she’s exactly what they need. With her murderously protective streak over fellow Abnormals, and resentment towards John for keeping secrets about a corporation experimenting on their kind, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to free one of their own—even if it means admitting her pesky feelings.

Now the three of them must work together—if they can survive their ability-laden love-triangle first. Good thing John knows how to act like a normal, no-ability straight guy who’s totally not losing his shit. But if he’s not careful he’ll have to come out of the closet in more ways than one to save their kind and rescue his love life—that is if either of them can forgive his face-saving gilded lies.

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About Lin

Lin Lustig’s tenacious nature and love of Disney villains has made her a heroic villain who seeks to support reader well-being through worlds of fierce love, magical adventures, and overdue reveling—so we can all celebrate the hidden parts of ourselves while escaping into a rich reading experience. 

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