A Writer’s Life

Lost In Time is now available from  JMS Books and all major booksellers. (Typing that is never going to get
My 7,500 word freebie short story "The Gate" is now available for download when you join my mailing list at
This morning I planned a morning of rosy-cheeked, family fun. So we loaded our two children and the powered wheelchair,
I have small children and things get broken. And I tell myself that this is why we can't have nice
I've spent the last two weeks in a fugue state of non-specific fear. Fear about politics, fear for my children,
The Gate cover
Look, here's a thing! Yesterday, JMS sent me the cover art for The Gate, my new short story. Matty comes
I signed up for NaNoWriMo, just to give myself a framework for this month, really, and I've been doing quite
Due to Confusing But Boring Domestic Circumstances, OH and I ended up having a quintessentially British lunchtime picnic in the
We're at the Children's Hospice this week - as some of you know, our child is life-limited, with an undiagnosed,
So, here's the thing. I've been writing for years, on and off, at varying levels of readability and in various
My aunt is dying. She's my mother's cousin and has no family other than her brother's children and us. She's
I've been pondering all the different lives we live, recently. I'm in my mid forties and so far I've done